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Seneca provides participants to the Flight Instructor Refresher Course with an opportunity to interact with a number of experienced presenters, flight instructors, as well as pilot examiners examiners. If you would like more information regarding any instructor from the list below, simply select their name.

Note: Instructors and presenters are subject to change

Mason Fraser – Course Manager

Mason Fraser began his aviation career in 2003 with his PPL at Spectrum Airways in Burlington, Ontario in 2003. He graduated from Confederation College in 2006 with a Commercial Pilot Licence, and returned to Spectrum Airways as an instructor, and eventually served as CFI there for 2 years until joining Seneca as a Professor in March 2011. Mason currently holds an ATPL and a Class I Flight Instructor Rating. He presently managing the ab-initio (Phases 0-3) phases of training at Seneca College; he also oversees the supervision and indoctrination training for the Class 4 Flight Instructors at Seneca. He is also teaching a course for the Flight Operations and Safety diploma programs at Seneca. In his spare time he serves as an Officer with 820 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson currently flies for Air Canada on the Embraer, as well as being an instructor in the training department. Prior to joining Air Canada, Gary was a First Officer on the F-28 at Canadian Regional and transitioned to a CRJ pilot at Air Canada Jazz, where he was involved in their training department. Gary was a graduate of Seneca College in 1993 and has stayed connected to the college working both as a Flight Instructor and Professor for many years. Gary was instrumental in developing and heading up the jet transition program for the Aviation Degree Program. Gary brings to the college operational experience from having flown for the airlines for many years as well as experience flying the MU2 in northern Ontario for Samaritan Air. Gary obtained his Class 1 Instructor Rating at the Canadian Flight Academy where he started his flying career as a Flight Instructor and later the CFI. Although Gary is kept very busy with his two careers, he does find time to spend at home lounging by the pool with his family.

Andrej Zile

Andrej Zile is the Safety Officer in the Seneca College Aviation Program and a Professor at Seneca College. Upon graduating from Seneca College in 1994, he instructed for a number of years at the Toronto City Centre Airport. Subsequently, Andrej flew for Air Georgian as a Captain on the Beech 1900D. In addition, at Air Georgian, he conducted Line Indoctrination, Simulator Training and was an Approved Check Pilot for the organization. Currently, Andrej is a Class I Flight Instructor, along with being a Multi-Engine and IFR Pilot Examiner. He also earned a B.Sc. (Honours) at the University of Toronto.

Andy Kovacs

Andy Kovacs is an instructor in Phase 8 training at Seneca College. Phase 8 covers advanced jet aircraft operations, using a Bombardier CRJ FTD as a training base. Andy teaches at Seneca in both the classroom and the simulator, teaching 2 courses preparing students to fly the CRJ FTD. Andy also contributes in many on-going projects at the college. Andy also is an active pilot at Air Canada, flying the Airbus A320 as a First Officer. Andy has held previous positions at Canadian Regional Airlines flying the Fokker F28, Air Canada Jazz flying the Bombardier CRJ, and at Air Canada flying the Embraer E175/190. Andy has also held full flight simulator instructor positions at both Air Canada Jazz and Air Canada, teaching the Bombardier CRJ and the Embraer E175/190 to both initial and recurrent candidates. In his off time, Andy enjoys keeping up with the NHL (especially the Leafs), spending time with friends and family, and mountain biking

Brian Carlick

Brian Carlick received his PPL licence in 1988 from Toronto Airways and began his Instructing career a year later. He was the chief Ground School Instructor for much of his 10 years with Toronto Airways and also flew in their charter operations. Brian then joined Transport Canada as a Flight Safety Inspector in the Ontario region. Seneca College gained Brian as a professor in 2001 where he has taught numerous academic courses. Brian signs off licences and ratings once in a while and holds a Pilot Examiner in PPL and Commercial licences. For exercise he is often seen cycling to & from work or across countries in Europe or PEI.

Brian Laski

Brian Laski began his aviation career at Toronto Airways in 1974. Over the 20 years he worked there he acquired all his licences and participated in every aspect of the operation: Ramp Personal, Flight Dispatcher, Flight Instructor, Charter Pilot, Commuter Airline Pilot, Manager Customer Relations and Chief Charter Pilot. After leaving Toronto Airways, he worked as Chief Pilot for The Plan Group. He then moved to Air Canada as a Flight Operations Instructor teaching the A-320 Airbus. In 2001, Brian accepted a position and worked for ten years for Skyservice Airlines flying the A-320 world-wide. In June of 2010, Brian actively pursued and landed a position as a Flight Instructor with Seneca College teaching Multi Engine and Multi Engine Instrument. Brian has held a Class I Instructors Rating since 1977 accumulating over 20,000 hours of flight time in over one hundred different types of aircraft from the Cessna-150 to the Airbus A-320.

Edward Pasquale

Edward Pasquale, B Comm, ATPL both TC and FAA, type rated on the BA31 and BA32 Jetstream, the MS76 Paris Jet and the C510S Citation Mustang, Pilot Examiner for Multi and Instrument ratings, Class 1 Instructor. Edward has been instructing since 1975 in general aviation and with Seneca College since 1998. He has been with the Cirrus CSIP program since 2004 and the Cessna CFAI program since it started 4 years ago. He is also a CHELTON mentor for their EFIS systems. Edward is a specialist for Glass cockpit and Autopilot systems training for most general aviation aircraft. At Seneca, Edward has taught introductory Meteorology and Navigation as well as Instrument Rating Techniques and has served as Assistant CFI.

Jake Branch

Jake Branch an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and pilot, joined Seneca College’s maintenance department in 2008. Jake started his career building “amateur build” aircraft for Zenair. He then transitioned to Bombardier’s deHavilland facility in Downsview supporting the Global Express and Q400 programs. Subsequently, Jake worked in Oshawa maintaining a large fleet at Enterprise Air and then joined a team restoring a Norseman float plane. Jake also spent several years with Pratt and Whitney building jet engines for business aircraft. In his spare time Jake builds electricity producing wind turbines for fun!

Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson, 20,000+ hours! Joe began flying in 1971 with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets on a flying scholarship at London Ont. He started instructing at St Thomas and London in 1979 and moved to Stratford as CFI in 1981. Joe worked at Voyageur Airways in 1984 flying MEDEVACS, and commuter aircraft (Navajos and King Air 100’s). He flew Budworm, forest fire surveillance, and Ministry of Natural resources deer survey and flew a DeHavilland Chipmunk in formation with the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association for a couple of seasons. Joe moved to Sault Ste Marie and was with Sault College for 8 years. He then piloted a Westwind business jet on international charters for Chartright Co from Toronto Pearson International Airport. Joe has been with Seneca College for 12 years, teaching Meteorology in the new Flight Dispatch Program. He is also part time with Toronto Airways and some free lance instruction on tail draggers and private aircraft. In his spare time, he pipes with The York Regional Police Pipe band.

John Robertson

John Robertson has been flying since 1967, having accumulated over 12, 000 hours of flight experience. He is a Class 1 flight instructor, holds a group 1 instrument rating and is also a Pilot Examiner (RPL, PPL, CPL, IFR, multi). Mr. Robertson is one of our senior residents who spent 7 years as the CFI at Seneca College. He also developed and taught several courses for the college and university program including long range navigation, instrument flight procedures, and Human Factors. He is currently working on his next project, deciding when to retire and spend more time on the ground. The deadline for completion of this project is still unknown. Prior to joining the Seneca College team, Robbie had a long successful career in the Canadian Armed Forces, where he held numerous positions including Pilot, Chief Flying Instructor, Air Detachment Commander, and Deputy Commanding Officer for the Recruiting Centre in Toronto. Over the years, Robbie continues to develop himself professionally by attending various seminars and training courses. In 2007 he was awarded the David Charles Abramson Memorial Flight Instructor Safety Award. When he isn't busy at Seneca College he can be found riding his motorcycle, looking for golf balls on either side of the fairway or spending time with his 5 beautiful grandchildren.

Lynne McMullen

Lynne McMullen, the Chair for Seneca College’s School of Aviation has been teaching flying since 1996. She has held the CFI position at Spectrum Airways in Burlington and at Empire Aviation in London and is a Pilot Examiner for Recreation, Private and Commercial licences. Lynne has taught numerous ground schools in Ontario and academic courses at Seneca College. Personal accomplishments include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, adventure races, and long distance biking for worthy causes.

Mike Hitchins

Mike Hitchins has been flying professionally since 1991. His background includes instructing ab-initio to advanced flight training, medevac and heavy cargo flying in Northern Ontario, charter flying throughout North America and ten years as a regional airline pilot and Manager of Training for Air Georgian Ltd. Mike holds a Class 1 Flight Instructor rating and is Seneca’s former Chief Flight Instructor. He is currently Phase Lead for Phases 0-3 for the Seneca College Aviation Program.

Nicola Godfrey

Nicola Godfrey has been flying nearly 20 years and graduated from Seneca College in 1998. After a few years of instructing, she started up a Charter company based out of Hamilton with her husband flying a BE60. Nicky was a Captain and the Operations Manager for the Company and was instrumental in the writing of all the Company documents required to obtain the Transport Canada Operating Certificate. After operating for 2 years in the post 9/11 industry, the company ceased operation and Nicky again focused her energy on flight instruction. Nicky, now has a Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating and is a Pilot Examiner for PPL and CPL at Seneca. She is also an “Authorized Person” for licencing signoff and an Aviation Language Examiner. Nicky is currently the Assistant CFI for Seneca. In her spare time Nicky enjoys spending time with her family and friends and is working on her skills as a “soccer Mom”.

Rick Aikins

Rick Aikins joined Seneca College in 2009 instructing multi-engine/MIFR pilot candidates. He has been flying since 1986 where he began his PPL at the Maple Airport, north of Toronto. His flying experience includes Critical Care MEDEVAC, airborne geophysical survey, corporate charter and float charter operations in the Western Arctic, Northwestern and Northeastern Ontario. Rick has instructed ab-initio to advanced landplane and seaplane flight training. He has published 'Seaplane Flight Notes'- flight training notes for seaplane instructors and rating candidates. He holds a BAdmin from Lakehead University and possesses an ATPL, Class 2 Flight Instructor and seaplane ratings.