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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the questions students ask us about the Honours Bachelor of Aviation Technology program.

What degree will I receive?

Graduates recieve a Honours Bachelor of Aviation Technology.

How does a college Honours Bachelor of Aviation Technology differ from a regular university bachelor’s degree?

The college degree has the same level of academic rigour as a university degree but are not available at any Ontario university. They are designed to produce graduates who are immediately employable in a given occupation by providing a strong mix of theoretical and practical education.

Are there medical requirements?

There are medical, vision and drug tests required:

Civil Aviation Medicine

Medical Examination Requirements

Refractive Eye Surgery Information

Vision Standards

Have your Aviation Doctor send you to LifeLabs to get a chain of custody drug test.

Where can I take my aviation medicals?

Medicals can be taken in Toronto by Transport Canada approved medical examiner. Our suggested doctor is Dr. Gary Magee, 8188 Yonge Street, Thornhill, Ontario L4J 1W5 telephone: 905.889.2222

On completion of the program, will I be a fully licensed pilot able to work commercially?

Yes, You will be a licensed Commercial Pilot with a Multi Engine Instrument Rating. You will also have a frozen Airline Transport Pilot licence which will take affect when you acquire 1,500 hours.

How many flying hours will a student graduate with?

You will graduate with over 300 hours of training with approximately 200 of that being flight hours and the remainder in the simulator. (Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence).

Do students wear a uniform?

Yes, students are required to wear black pants, white collar shirt, dark tie, and dark shoes.

Can I apply to the Flight Degree Program as a mature student?

Yes, with the same admission requirements for all students.

Do I need my private pilot license before coming to Seneca College?

No, it is not required, and you do not receive any extra credit for having a pilot licence.

I have a university degree/or am currently at student at a university with a background in math and sciences, would there be any way to exempt me from some of the courses in the academic portion of the program?

Please email Tony Appels, Program Chair, for more information.

I do not have all of the Grade 12 math and/or science credits required. Can I obtain these credits by taking courses at Seneca?

Seneca College offers courses in its School of Continuing Education which the college considers to be the equivalent of the corresponding Grade 12 credits. Credits in these courses can be used to satisfy the entrance requirements for the Flight Program. The Seneca Continuing Education courses and their Grade 12 university level equivalents are given below.High School/University Level Grade 12 Credit Equivalent Seneca Continuing Education Courses:

  • English, ENG4(U)
  • Advanced Functions, MHF4(U)
  • Calculus and Vectors, MCV4(U)
  • Physics, SPH4(U)
  • Two additional course at the U or M level

What are the eligibility requirements and fees for international students?

For any information regarding eligibility and fees, please contact our International Student Admissions Office.

To answer questions for International Students (those who are not Canadian Citizens or permenant residents of Canada) contact Phyllis Gates at 416-491-5050 ext. 2264 or Angela Williams ext 2356.

Still have more questions?

Please e-mail Sarah Osborne, Student Adviser.