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Learning Outcomes

Accident & Sickness - recommend individual and group accident and sickness insurance products adapted to the client’s needs and situation.

1.  Assess the client's needs and situation.

  • Determine the client's situation
  • Assess the approprietness of the client's existing coverage in regards to his or her situation
  • Articulate the client's needs based on the risks that could affect his or her financial situation

2.  Analyze the available products that meets the client's needs.

  • Analyze the types of contract that meet the client's needs
  • Analyse the riders that meet the client's needs

3.  Implement a recommendation adapted to the client's needs and situation.

  • Consider the impact of underwriting criteria as they apply to the client's situation
  • Propose a recommendation adapted on the client's needs and situation
  • Confirm the requirements that must be met to implement the recommendation

4.  Provide customer service during the validity period of the coverage.

  • Validate the appropriateness of contract amendment, renewal and termination application in regards to the client's situation
  • Inform the claimant of the claims process

Ethics & Professional Practice - develop an ethical professional practice in compliance with the rules governing the life insurance industry.

1.  Integrate into proactice the legal aspects of insurance and annuity contracts.

  • Delimit the legal framework governing life insurance
  • Characterize the parties involved in the contract
  • Contextualize the rules relating to the contract's formation, taking effect, reinstatement and termination
  • Explain the main provisions and clauses of an insurance or annuity contract
  • Integrate into proactice the rules relating to beneficiary designation and exemption from seizure of benefits
  • contextualize the rules relating to claims and the paymetn of benefits

2. Integrate into practice the rules governing the activities of life insurance agents.

  • Explain the role of the organzations that protect clients
  • Integrate into practice the obligations and responsibilities of life insruance agents