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Leadership & Communications

For recently promoted or existing supervisors or managers who are looking to expand their understanding of leadership requirements in front line or back office operations. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of leadership skills from goal setting and coaching to communications and decision making.

Managing Change and Project Management

Departments and Managers typically struggle with today’s exponential growth in the rate of change and resulting requirements for continuous learning. Identifying organisational impacts and human factors are commonly overlooked, while communicating project details can get lost in other organisation priorities. Students learn how to identify opportunities, build a convincing business case, plan the details, communicate and successfully execute change.

Strategic Planning and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Understanding strategic thinking and executing a strategy are two of the most common gaps in front line leadership. Strategic Planning and CRM focuses on the critical importance of managing customer relationships and how to develop and communicate a powerful, revenue building customer centric strategy. During this session students actually develop a customer centric strategy that reflects their organizations goals and values.

Creating “Remarkable” Service

For managers working with customer support staff, or looking to brush up on their internal or external customer service skills. Good customer service has become “table stakes” in this new order of global competition. To retain and attract customers, every touchpoint has to be a “remarkable” event which leads customers to tell others about the great experience of dealing with your organization! This motivating and empowering one day session will challenge students to understand themselves, their customers and the dynamics necessary to create “remarkable” service!

Process Analysis, Documentation, Design and Improvement

This hands on session focuses on the importance of process analysis, documentation standards, and tools that you can use immediately to document and improve the efficiency and quality of your business and services. The session includes an overview of Microsoft Visio, an exercise in business process mapping”, and other leading practice analytical approaches to process design and improvement.

Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Good People

We have entered into times where finding the right people with the right skills has become more challenging than ever! Learn about leading practice recruiting, hiring, motivation and other retention strategies. Reduce your costs of attrition while improving productivity by retaining a trained and productive workforce.

Training for Trainers

Not long ago, continuous learning was a strategic value for only the most progressive of companies. Today, keeping employees up to speed on changes in industry, governance and other core competencies is a constant need. To manage all of this learning requires an undemanding of adult learning theory along with course development, design and presentation skills. This workshop is excellent for newer trainers or line managers who need to regularly educate their teams.

Managing and Working with Personalities

Students will learn the value of understanding personality differences and the impact it has on behaviour, communication and leadership styles. Learn how this knowledge can have a tremendous impact in communication skills and leadership effectiveness. A direct result will be better recruitment, more effective coaching, which will lead to higher morale and reduced turnover.

IT for Non IT Managers

Mangers know their business well and yet you depend on technology experts to develop and implement their ISIT business solutions. They don’t need to program the software, or configure the network, but having a high level understanding of many communications and information technologies can help managers to work with the “Techs” to select or optimise relevant systems. This program helps managers understand the technologies available and most importantly, when to employ those technologies to serve a business need.