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Customer and Contact Centre Leadership Certification (CCL)

  • Program Code: CCL
  • Campus: Newnham
  • Length: 8 days
  • Start Date: Fall, Winter

This program is specifically designed to serve one of the most common gaps in Contact Centre Leadership – A certified training program for current and upcoming leaders in the contact centre industry.

Benefits of the Program

  1. Improve overall business efficiency and productivity
  2. Better understand accountabilities and opportunities by taking ownership of tasks, goals and accomplishment
  3. Increase succession planning opportunities thus increasing employee loyalty
  4. Improve communications, organization and time management skills resulting in improved communications, empowerment and ultimately morale
  5. Improve quality and Efficiency of service delivery
  6. Achieve service, sales, and productivity goals.
  7. Optimise human and other resources
  8. Increase understanding of:
    • Human resources
    • The value of process and documentation
    • Technologies and optimizetion of IT relationships
  9. Document processes and identify opportunities for improved quality and increased efficiency
  10. Identify gaps in team and operational effectiveness with people, process and technology
  11. Understand technology platforms and options and understand the importance of technology optimization and managing IT relationships

REAL Benefits from Seneca CFS Training!

Raise the stature of your team in the organization

E nsure a high-level of professionalism in your operation

Achieve the highest standards of leadership and performance

Leverage training for improved retention and succession planning

Newnham Campus

Newnham Campus

Programs are at Newnham Campus.
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