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The CIFCA Team

Samky Mak - Program Coordinator
Samky Mak is Industry Director, Risk Management, Seneca Centre for Financial Services. He teaches courses within the Financial Compliance Administration graduate certificate and the Financial Services Management degree programs. Samky holds a double major Bachelor of Science degree in management and economics from University College, Cardiff, United Kingdom and an MBA (Finance) from the Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto). Samky has worked as a financial planner and held his life insurance, mutual funds and Canadian Securities Course licenses. In addition to teaching, Samky currently works as a compliance consultant on compliance culture development and compliance officers skills training. He has international business development and consultation experience in the Far East and has worked on projects with various industry associations including the Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association and the Canadian Bankers Association. He has also served as Project Manager and Researcher for a joint applied research project between Seneca and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada on compliance training and professional development.

Garry Nichols - Facilitator
Garry K. Nichols has been operationally deployed in law enforcement/intelligence and financial intelligence for the past 45 years, 30 with the RCMP, 10 with FINTRAC and the last five on contract with Public Safety. He has been directly involved in anti-money laundering, counter terrorist financing investigations and financial intelligence analysis since 1987 (28 years). From 1987 to 1999 as part of the RCMP Toronto Integrated Proceeds of Crime Unit where he retired in 2000 as the Inspector and Officer In Charge of that unit. He was the first employee hired by FINTRAC and was the Regional Director, Central Region, (Ontario,Manitoba, NWT & Nunavut) from 2000 to 2010 at which point he established a boutique AML/CTF Compliance Solutions company, The Nichols Group Inc., and has been engaged in a full time advisory role with Public Safety Canada in matters relating to Threats to National Security and financial intelligence analysis. He has lectured extensively internationally as a subject matter specialist particularly in relation to anti-money laundering, proceeds of crime investigative techniques and financial intelligence analysis.

Cyrus Hojjati - Facilitator
Cyrus Hojjati is currently the Senior Manager of Governance and Execution, Fraud and Collections for Tangerine Bank. His mandate includes the development of governance strategy for fraud and recovery in risk management. Prior to this he was working with the Bank of Montreal as a Development Manager in Business Services, North American Payments managing projects with a focus on risk control framework development and performance management. Cyrus’ experience includes managing fraud operations with multiple investigative units and has created fraud operation teams for PC Bank, Wal-Mart Bank and BMO. A graduate of the Seneca College Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting program in addition to having an extensive career in investigations and fraud governance. Cyrus has a background in professional development having developed and implemented training programs for system conversions and career development, with a passion for sharing experiences and knowledge with industry colleagues. In addition, Cyrus is a Director on the Executive Board at the Unionville-Milliken Soccer Club and where he contributes his expertise for the community.

Peter Warrack, CAMS, CFE - Facitlator
Prior to coming to Canada in 2002, Peter was a senior detective officer in the UK for the Fraud Squad, and has since established himself as a thought leader and standard-setter in the Fraud & AML industry. Since coming to Canada, Peter has launched over 200 careers for the Fraud and AML industry. In 2011, his contribution was recognized and he received the Professional of the Year award from the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists. Educated with a Master’s degree in Organization & Management from Queen’s University, Belfast, Peter is a frequent publisher and conference presenter speaking about fraud, AML, and compliance subjects. he has established a reputation successfully building AML FIU’s at two major financial institutions, setting new standards in adopting a risk-based approach to investigations and the architect of the 360° AML investigation model. For the past 4 years, Peter has been an integral part of the Canadian Institute of Financial Crime Analysis at Seneca College’s, Centre for Financial Services, facilitating and course development for the Financial Crime Analysis Program.

Dr. Faisel Saeed - Facilitator
Dr. Faisel Saeed has been a financial services leader in the Canadian banking and financial service industries for over 30 years. He has held several senior management positions with responsibilities for enterprise AML analytics, fraud containment, workplace equity, finance, and technology management. He is currently the Director of Enterprise AML Model Management for Bank of Montreal. In addition, Dr. Saeed facilitates courses in Data and Patterns Theory & Method for the Canadian Institute of Financial Crime of Seneca College’s, Centre for Financial Services and has been actively involved raising awareness regarding the Financial Crime Analysis program offered through the Canadian Institute of Financial Crime. Dr. Saeed holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Oklahoma State University.