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FCAC Operation/Consumer Provisions Compliance Management

  • Reviews and examines the operations of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) and consumer provisions rules and legislations in the Canadian retail banking sector.
  • Ideal for training new compliance officers who have no previous experience dealing with FCAC and market conduct regulations.
  • Provides an excellent overview of consumer provisions compliance management.


Statutory Interpretation

  • Reviews statute law and rules of statutory interpretation.
  • Provides basic knowledge of legislation interpretation.
  • Enriches knowledge base for compliance officers at all levels.


Ethical Thinking and Ethical Decision-Making Process

  • Helps compliance officers with strong characters and abilities to become independent ethical decision-makers.
  • Improves compliance culture within an organization by training all individuals at a bank to become independent decision-makers.
  • Focuses on adhering to the spirit of the law/regulations through utilizing ethical decision- making process rather than the letter of the law.


Compliance Communication

  • Examines the importance of efficient, accurate communication for compliance officers who are dealing with cross-functional and inter-departmental communications with different levels of an organization.
  • Ideal as a refresher course for experienced compliance officers and as basic training for new compliance officers.