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Money Service Business

Money Services Business

Program Description

The Centre for Financial Services has taken a leadership role in the design and development of programs for anti-money laundering (AML) practitioners. A key part of this strategy is the development of the professional development program Money Services Business – a series of training modules that ensure employees responsible for AML programs understand all aspects of the mandated legislative requirements.

Money Services Business is the first comprehensive online training program developed by AML experts for the industry which concentrates on regulatory requirements in both Canada and the U.S.  Subject contents are kept current through consultation with an advisory committee of sector experts. Participants will be trained in:

  1. Effective anti-money laundering compliance;
  2. Effective on-boarding procedures;
  3. Best practices for designing Risk-Based Review;
  4. Red flags for money laundering;
  5. Understanding privacy issues;
  6. Accountability for their role in anti-money laundering.

Program Delivery: E-LEARNING

Money Services Business uses an electronic learning platform to deliver a series of modules to clients. Participants can access the modules from any location that has an electronic station. Individual modules and learning experiences therein can be accessed at the time and mode that best meets the participants’ schedules.

Tuition Costs

$500.00 CDN/U.S. (plus applicable taxes)

Newnham Campus

Newnham Campus

Programs are at Newnham Campus.
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