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Municipal Corporate Spending Management (MWS)

“Money Well Spent”

Program Description

The Centre for Financial Services has taken a leadership position in the design and development of programs for the municipal sector and agencies, boards and commissions (ABCs) that focus on fiscal management issues. A core component of this strategy is the development of a professional development program that addresses the need for municipal and ABC managers to develop competencies in spending management. Money Well Spent is modular series of learning experiences constructed on an electronic platform that uses the core principles associated with modern comptrollership to enable the participants to accomplish the following learning outcomes: 

  1. To associate spending with a clearly articulated program mission and strategy;
  2. To utilize the principles of cost reduction (doing things right and doing the right things) as the driver for spending management in program delivery;
  3. To measure performance on the basis of a balanced scorecard that captures the qualitative and quantitative factors associated with the program or services;
  4. To recognize the value of having access to less information that is relevant and to utilize key performance indicators (KPIs) as performance measurement tools;
  5. To recognize the importance and value of accountability for Money Well Spent.

Program Delivery

Money Well Spent uses an electronic learning platform to deliver a series of modules to clients. Participants are able to access the modules from any location that has an electronic station. Individual modules and learning experiences therein can be accessed at the time and mode that best meets the schedule of clients.

Our Partner

Offered through the Centre for Financial Services in co-operation wit AMCTO.

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Newnham Campus

Newnham Campus

Programs are at Newnham Campus.
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