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RESP Proficiency Exam


The RESP Dealers Association of Canada (RESPDAC) has developed the Sales Representative Proficiency Course (SRPC) as the initial training and proficiency requirement for new sales representatives.

People who invest in scholarship plans expect excellent service, expert knowledge and absolute trustworthiness from sales representatives and dealers. You will be entering into long-term relationships with your clients and they will be relying on you when making important investment decisions. Your clients and your dealer must always have confidence in your integrity. To meet these expectations, you must have proper training and a thorough understanding of your regulatory and ethical obligations.

If you are affilated with one of the following Scholarship Plan dealers, please contact them to register if you have not done so.

Registering for the Exam

RESP exams are available Monday thru Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm, by appointment only. Please email or call the contact information below. 


RESP Exam - $40.00
Product Knowledge (Only) - $20

Payment is due at time of testing.

Contact Information

Lori Pinder
Support Coordinator
416-491-5050 ext. 22015