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Child Developmen Practitioner 

Child Development Practitioner

Program Code: ECEF
Campus: Newnham
Duration: 3 years, or as determined by industry guidelines
Start Dates: ongoing intake
Credential Awarded: Certificate of Apprenticeship,  Ontario College Diploma (with the completion of English 150, Intro to Psych and two additional General Education courses.)

This program is designed for people already working in the ECE field who wish to pursue formal studies and receive certification. Child Development Practitioner apprentices are required to take 22 modules of in-school training. This training is completed part-time (generally night classes) and in a full time spring/summer 7-week option. At the time of registration, the Ministry training consultant discusses the apprenticeship with the apprentice and the sponsor/employer.

In-school training for child development practitioner apprentices includes instruction in:

  • child development
  • health, safety and nutrition
  • infant/toddler, preschool and school-age methods
  • philosophy
  • interpersonal communications
  • administration
  • children with special needs
  • bias free education

Child Development Practitioner is a non-restricted certified trade regulated by the Apprenticeship and Certification Act. Upon the successful completion of the program, a person working in this trade is entitled to a Certificate of Apprenticeship.