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Lab Schools

Providing care for Toddlers and Preschoolers children, the Seneca College has two early childhood education observation laboratory teaching schools that are a fully functioning child care facility and a demonstration and observation centre for the School of Early Childhood Education.

Newnham location

The Newnham Campus Early Childhood Education Observation Laboratory Teaching School provides a child-oriented, developmentally appropriate curriculum. We provide an atmosphere where children are comfortable and able to learn through play and the exploration of their environment. More information.

King location

The King Observation Teaching School's objective is to demonstrate, for Early Childhood Education students, a high quality program that benefits each child, each parent and the community. In addition to the children of Seneca College employees and students, the school accept children from the surrounding community. Children ages eight months to twelve years participate year-round in full day, half day, or before and after school programs on a full or part-week basis. More information.