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Additional Recognition

If you have your BES™ Building Operator Class I certificate, you can apply for additional recognition:

The Interprovincial Facility Training Accreditation Council (IFTAC) is a partnership of Canadian postsecondary institutions providing Canada-wide academically-validated and portable recognition for building operators. Accredited building staff who move from one part of the country to another will carry their recognition with them. It is allied with the Office of Energy Efficiency of Natural Resources Canada and incorporates an outcome-based Energy Management subject in which applicants complete a self-initiated energy savings project in a building. The process supports the goal of lowering greenhouse gas emissions.


The same application is used for individuals to apply to be on the Energy Training Ontario registry, certifying that the individual completed the BESTM Operator Class I certificate which incorporated a subject on Energy Management. The Energy Training Ontario initiative was a partnership of the Ontario Community College System and the Provincial Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Successful applicants will be placed on the registry and receive IFTAC and Energy Training Ontario certificates in addition to a combined IFTAC/Energy Training Ontario wallet card.


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BOMI Systems Maintenance Technician - SMT Designation

All BES Class I graduates can apply. If you’re not registered with BOMI, a BOMI First Designation Enrolment Fee will apply. Seneca College BES Class I graduates can apply at no additional cost. A $1,000 application fee applies for Class I graduates from other colleges. In order to be recognized as a Seneca BES Class I graduate, you must have completed 25% of your BES subjects through Seneca.



The Green Citizen

The Green Citizen is a Seneca College campaign providing Seneca students, the broader Seneca community of staff, alumni, and associates, as well as external individuals and organizations, with an appreciation of the role the environment plays in both their lives and careers. At its core is the Green Citizen three-hour learning module embedding this environmental imperative within the broader scope of learning, career enhancement, and public commitment as engaged citizens.

The Green Citizen describes environmental issues and your individual impact, details the “human-environment” ecological connection, provides commentary from industry leaders on the importance of this knowledge, and examines how an eco- appreciation will enhance your career and lifestyle opportunities by contributing to a healthier world.

This module is available as a public resource for those who would like to learn more about the environment. Maximum benefit, however, is achieved by registering in the Green Citizen process. After registering, you will participate in the online discussion portion, contribute to the Green Citizen social media opportunity and, upon completion, submit your request for your personal Green Citizen Card.

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