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Building Environmental Systems - BES™ Program

Building Environmental Systems - BES™ - Setting the standard for certification of building operators and managers in Canada for over 40 years.

Building Environmental Systems - BES™ is the most highly recognized certification for building operators in Canada. There are two levels of certification: BES™ Operator Class II and BES™ Operator Class I. These programs train technicians in the operation and maintenance of today’s complex buildings.

The BES™ Operator Class I certificate is recognized by the Building Owners and Managers Institute (BOMI) of Canada. Upon successful completion of BES™ Operator Class I, you can apply for the BOMI System Maintenance Technician (SMT®) designation. BES™ Operator Class I graduates can also apply to be registered provincially in the Energy Training Ontario registry as well as with the Interprovincial Facility Training Accreditation Council (IFTAC).

The BES™ Facility Manager Certificate program was subsequently created to support building operators in their career paths towards management as well as a certification for entry-level managers or current managers of building systems and operations staff.

Seneca’s BES™ programs adhere to the fundamental premise that the building is a holistic system in which heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, electrical power, lighting, water and air supply are connected and interdependent.

They focus on the knowledge required to understand the functioning of all systems in commercial, institutional and residential buildings with a strong emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency. The programs also cover how buildings can be operated and maintained more efficiently.

Seneca College Certificates

Building Environmental Systems – BES™ Operator

BES™ Operator Class II Certificate


  • 7 Core Subjects BES700 – BES706 inclusive

BES™ Operator Class I Certificate


  • BES™ Operator Class II Certificate
  • BES710
  • 1 Specialty Subject – BES707, BES708 or BES709

Building Environmental Systems – BES™ Manager

BES™ Facility Manager


  • 2 Operator Subjects
    • BES700 and BES710
  • 4 Management Subjects
    • BES801 – BES804
  • 1 Communications Elective
  • 1 Optional Elective

BES™ Subjects:

  • BES700 – Building Systems – A Practical Overview
  • BES701 – Heating
  • BES702 – Air Conditioning
  • BES703 – Air Handling
  • BES704 – Electrical
  • BES705 – Controls
  • BES706 – Water Treatment
  • BES707 – Pipe Systems Design
  • BES708 – Air Systems Design
  • BES709 – Hospital Building Systems
  • BES710 – Energy Efficiency in Large Buildings
  • BES801 – Property & Building Administration
  • BES802 – Site Maintenance and Building Safety
  • BES803 – Strategic Financial Planning - Facilities
  • BES804 – Human Relations for Facility Managers

Communications Electives – Choose one of:

  • EAC625 – Effective Communications for Engineers
  • EAC390 – Technical Writing

Optional Electives – Choose one of:

  • ALS190 – Introduction to Fire Alarms
  • FSF901 – Fire Safety Basics I
  • ICA001 – Introduction to Computers & Applications
  • PLC100 – Basics of PLC Programming