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Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to ensure our students receive the most innovative and current education, our courses are always under review. This means that changes may occur in the course content and there may be some revisions to supplies and textbooks. The information regarding supplies and textbooks is provided to help you budget during your first two semesters/terms.

Supplies are often used in more than one class and/or term so you do not need to re-purchase. Please be aware of where there will be overlaps and what supplies are required for each course.

How much money should I put aside for textbooks and supplies?

Please refer to the Texts and materials page which includes supplies and textbooks for the first two terms, however, at this time you are only required to purchase supplies and textbooks for the first term courses. The prices quoted for these items are approximate and do not include taxes.

Where do I purchase textbooks?

All textbooks, when necessary, will be available for purchase at the Seneca College Bookstore, Newnham Campus. These are to be purchased before classes begin to avoid missing any important lectures.

What is a materials fee?

An annual materials fee is required of each CTM student. The materials fee for your first year is $105. These fees are due before the first week of classes of each school year and are paid at the same time you purchase your kits.

Material fees over the period of 4 terms include the following:

  • Classroom supplies provided by the program for practical applications - specialized products including skincare, makeup, special effects and fragrances and disposable items such as tissues, cotton swabs, paper towels and cleaning supplies.
  • All printed handouts/lecture notes (learning packages)
  • Annual subscription each school year to the trade publication, Cosmetics Magazine
  • Makeup Portfolio Photo Shoot, 2nd year
  • Field Trip (cost of transportation and/or admission to event), 2nd year
  • Career Night, 2nd year
  • Professionally embroidered name on program tunic
  • Equipment purchases and repairs

When do I purchase the required kit and pay my materials fee?

The purchase of your first year student kit including tunic and payment of materials fee will be made at EVOLUTIONS SPA, Rm. D3023 on Wednesday, Jan. 6 between 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. and Friday, Jan. 8 between 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Where do I get these materials?

As we have the buying power, we have negotiated and assembled each student kit (at the request of former students) which includes the basic supplies for your courses including all 4 levels of Makeup and Skin Care I & II. These kits will be available for purchase at our on-campus EVOLUTIONS SPA before classes begin.

Evolution Spas accepts cash, MasterCard, Visa and debit. The Visa and/or MasterCard must be in your own name. Cheques are not accepted.

Why do I need these materials?

In addition to “traditional” homework, students must spend time practicing at home the skills taught in the classroom. In order to do this you need to have your own supplies as listed on the following page. These supplies also ensure that students can perform equally using the same quality tools. It is expected that students will bring all necessary supplies to each class. This is one of the reasons we strongly urge students to purchase a College locker. More information on the locker rentals .

What is the uniform and when do I wear it?

In the Cosmetics industry, professional appearance is a vital element of your personal presentation. Our uniform has been assembled to most closely resemble and represent industry requirements and expectations recommended by our Advisory Committee and employers.

In order to appear professional and to protect your clothing each student in the Cosmetic Techniques and Management Diploma program is to wear a black tunic. You will have the opportunity to try on different sizes and order your tunic at EVOLUTIONS SPA at the time of your supplies purchase. For your convenience, you have the option of purchasing an additional tunic for $37 + tax or two (2) for $68 + tax. You will be expected to wear this clean, neatly pressed tunic as part of your uniform to all practical classes.

The acceptable uniform in the CTM program includes:

  • Black tunic with a white, professionally embroidered first name only on the left hand side (embroidered name provided by the program). This tunic should be clean, pressed and lint-free at all times.
  • Solid black dress pants - full length for males and females; no tattered hemlines
  • Solid black skirt - no shorter than 1” above the knee in length or longer for females only
  • Solid black full length leggings
  • Tops worn under the tunic are plain with no prints, logos or other messages. These may be white or black, clean and pressed
  • No baseball caps, hats or bandanas
  • No sunglasses are to be worn including resting them on top of your head
  • Hair is worn off the face and shoulders for sanitary reasons
  • Jewelry or facial piercings should not be excessive and will be discussed in individual subjects
  • Makeup - complete/full day makeup
  • Hands - well manicured (no chipped polish). Note: nail polish cannot be worn during Skincare classes to help prevent any possible allergic reactions
  • Hygiene - proper oral and bodily hygiene (no bad breath, body odour)
  • Stockings - neutral or solid black if skirts are worn
  • Footwear - solid black shoes or fashion boots only (no construction-like, running shoes or motorcycle boots)
  • Chewing gum is not acceptable

Professors expect that you wear the appropriate CTM uniform to all practical classes, all classes when there is a guest speaker and all college related special events and industry field trips.

Who will I practice on?

You will need to practice your skills in order to perfect them. Your family and friends are often very happy to receive a free makeover, skincare treatment or manicure. There may also be some classes where it will be your responsibility to bring a model to demonstrate your learning outcomes.

If you are living in residence there are many students you can ask to be your model. We encourage students to help their peers by bringing an extra model, when they can.

What is the field placement requirement?

Each student must complete 50 hours of field placement before they are eligible to graduate. More information will be provided in class about field placement, but if you start looking for employment in the Cosmetics industry as soon as you begin the program, you will find it very easy to complete this component of the curriculum. Unfortunately, related industry hours accumulated before you begin the CTM program are not eligible.

This important element is an invaluable experience allowing the theory discussed in class to be applied to “real life” situations. In addition, networking opportunities afforded by such field placement often assists students in finding full time employment. I will announce all possible career opportunities I am informed of them, but it is ultimately your responsibility to obtain your own field placement.