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Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to ensure our students receive the most innovative and current education, our courses are always under review. This means that changes may occur in the course content and there may be some revisions to supplies and textbooks. The information regarding supplies and textbooks is provided to help you budget during your first two semesters/terms.

Supplies are often used in more than one class and/or term so you do not need to re-purchase. Please be aware of where there will be overlaps and what supplies are required for each course.

Why do I need these supplies?

In addition to “traditional” homework, students must spend time practicing at home the skills taught in the classroom. In order to do this you need to have your own supplies. These supplies also ensure that students can perform equally using the same quality tools. It is expected that students will bring all necessary supplies to each class. This is one of the reasons we strongly urge students to purchase a College locker. More information on the locker rentals.

Where do I get these materials?

To save you time, effort and money we have negotiated with our suppliers and assembled kits that you will purchase for specific subjects. The kits will be purchased in our on-campus Spa, EVOLUTIONS before classes begin, or during the first week of classes. We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa and Interac. The Visa and/or MasterCard must be in your own name. We cannot accept cheques.

Who will I practice on?

As mentioned above you will need to practice your skills in order to perfect them. This is another reason you need a kit. Your family and friends are often very happy to receive a free manicure, pedicure, waxing, or facial service. There will also be some classes where you will need to bring a model to demonstrate your learning. If you are living in Residence there are many students you can ask to be your model. It is always up to you to provide a model when required in classes. We encourage students to help their peers by bringing an extra model, when they can.

What is the uniform and when do I wear it?

As professionals in an industry that deals with the health and well being of clients, personal hygiene is often shown by the uniform one wears. We expect you to wear a clean, neatly pressed uniform to all required classes. The uniform chosen is one that is consistent with those worn by professionals in our industry.

The acceptable dress code for the Esthetics program is based on recommendations from our Advisory Committee and employers. You will be responsible for wearing the approved Esthetics uniform to all classes and to Evolutions Spa, our esthetics clinic.

The uniform includes:

  • White tunic - clean and pressed.
  • Black dress pants/tights (full length) or skirt with black stockings and shoes. You will be responsible for purchasing the black pants/tights portion of the uniform at your preferred store. Two white tunic tops will be included in your kit.
  • Footwear – no boots, running shoes or flip flops/thong style sandals. Low heel/soled, non-marking, clean footwear is required for health and safety reasons. You may not wear running shoes as these are not accepted in the workplace. Ballet slippers are acceptable.

What is the materials fee?

An annual materials fee is required of each student during the first week of classes in first, third and fifth semester. The materials fee for first semester is: $75.00. This fee covers the costs of some supplies provided by the program for your use such as specialized products, tissue, paper toweling, soap, disinfectant, vinyl gloves, etc.