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Texts and materials

All textbooks will be available in the Seneca College Bookstore at Newnham campus.

Prices are approximate, subject to change and do not include applicable sales tax.


Beauty Book: Anatomy and Physiology ISBN: 064356992 - $85.50

The Official Guide to Beauty Basics Level 2 ISBN 9781408019368 - $52

The Official Guide to Beauty Basics Level 3 ISBN 9781408019283 - $40

Anatomy Coloring Book – 4th Edition ISBN: 9781419550409 - $43

Guide to Research and Citation MLA Style – 5th Edition - $5

College English text - EAC149 or 150 - price depends upon faculty choice

Do not purchase textbooks second hand without first ensuring that you have the correct edition of that book. Faculty will only use the approved textbooks. Students without the correct editions will be at a learning disadvantage and will be required to purchase the correct edition.


Materials fee - $75

  • Some supplies provided by the program for student use such as specialized products, tissue, paper toweling, soap, disinfectant, vinyl gloves, etc.

Kit - $330

  • This kit will be used in all semesters, in a variety of subjects and is only available at EVOLUTIONS SPA at Seneca College, Newnham Campus, room D3023
  • The kit includes 2 tunics as the approved top of the uniform
  • 3 Large white towels, 8 Small white towels and 1 flat, white bed sheet, 1 fitted white bed sheet* (no prints, stripes or coloured sheets. We require white linens so you may bleach these for hygienic reasons.)

For budgetary purposes only, what you need to purchase in second semester:

Supplies for Semester 2


Estimated Costs:

ETC205 - Waxing

Waxing Kit (Purchased at Evolutions) and 1 flat white sheet – see first semester - $165

ETB215 - Product Knowledge  

Beauty Book - Cosmetic Science, ISBN: 0-646-17937-3 - $80.00

Liberal Studies Options   

Depending upon the Liberal Studies subjects chosen by the student there will likely be a textbook cost. Dependent upon textbook choice.

Any information about additional textbooks and supplies for the second year will be sent in the fall before the new school year so that you can budget.