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Applicant Selection

Applicants who do not have a degree or diploma from one of the design programs listed - must submit a brief essay describing why they want to enrol in the program and submit a small portfolio demonstrating their ability to design. Direction can be provided to applicants in assembling their portfolio.

We ask that you submit:

A letter of intent outlining why you wish to enter the Seneca Event program. Please specifically address why uou wish to pursue studies in event design and what you hope to learn from studying at Seneca. Please identify any experience you may have in the event industry, any specific skills you think you will bring to the benefit of the class (design, technical, computer, communication skills, etc.), and why you wish to pursue this career direction. The letter should be saved as a pdf file and emailed to me with the portfolio.

A porfolio of six pieces of work that demonstrate your ability to design. These can be

  • artworks (drawing, painting, sculture) created by yourself,
  • creative photographs you have taken,
  • events you have worked on,
  • floral arrangements you have created,
  • interiors you may have decorated/designed, or
  • displays you have created.

The letter and portfolio can be made on Word, Pages, Keynote, PowerPoint, Photoshop, llustrator, etc,. but must be saved as a pdf file and emailed to Please indlude both the letter and portfolio in the email. Confirmation will be sent.

Second career applicants

Over the past couple of years, numerous students and graduates have attended and completed the Seneca Evet Program utilizing the Second career training program.

Seneca College has recently established an on-site Second Career Advisory Office. Information on this program can be found at