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Looking to Work with Seneca Students?

Students are required to complete 80 hours of field placement in the event industry. This placement is unpaid, but the placement must be designed to provide the student with a valuable learning experience. Students can be brought in for a single event installation, or “hired” to work with a planner or company on a series of events. Typical learning outcomes from field placement can include:

  1. Learn about the different elements that make up the look and design of an event.
  2. Understanding logistics e.g. handling, packing and shipping of products
  3. Observe the process of designing/planning an event from initial consultation to installation.
  4. Exposure to a great cross section of venues. Learn the logistics and protocols for each.
  5. Work and network with members of the event industry from planners to venues to vendors.
  6. Document their experience on their resume and in their portfolio (requires photos of the event).

Seneca students are covered by our insurance policy while working on field placement. Students will provide employers with a form prior to starting their placement. It is important that employers complete the form and sign it before students start working with them.

If you are interested in having students on field placement with your organization, please download and complete the Field Placement Request Application and return it via email to

Thank you for supporting the learning experience of our students!