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Kari Cordeiro


"My name is Kari and I'll be your nurse." I waited two years to say that phrase, and now I get to say it everyday. I started my nursing education at Seneca in the fall of 2004. From the first day, I knew that nursing was a perfect fit. I loved everything, from the vast diversity of the profession to the simplicity of caring for someone in need. I believe Seneca prepared me with the tools I needed to develop from a novice student to an independent full practicing nurse. My time at Seneca was very busy, it was important to me to participate in every aspect of the Seneca experience. During my last year at the school, I was a part of the nursing student council and helped organize a fundraiser in which the students played a friendly game of volleyball against the teachers. My success continued throughout my education, I was able to achieve several goals including being nominated as one of the candidates for valedictorian and achieving a 4.0 overall GPA which allowed me to graduate with High Honours.

After my graduation I started working at North York General Hospital's Mother and Baby Unit. This is a post-partum unit were we receive mothers and their babies after delivery. I love this area of nursing. I get to experience new life and teach mothers how to care for their infants. I find the field of obstetrics very interesting and fast paced. Every day is different; I can go from having a nice quiet day where my biggest problem is trying to get a baby to breast feed to using life saving interventions to stop a post-partum haemorrhage. Seneca has taught me the skills I need to ensure that my patients go home safe and healthy.

My nursing education has not stopped with Seneca, I will be moving on to Ryerson University to get my RN and BScN.