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Emeline Thompson

Emeline Thompson


I love nursing. I love my job working as part of an amazing ER team - the unpredictability of the day, jumping in to help a colleague with an unstable patient, moving from a newborn with a fever, to a hemodialysis patient with dangerous electrolyte levels. I'm challenged, rewarded and awed by my patients every day, and truly see it as an honor to care for them at their most vulnerable.

Seneca was instrumental in helping me to build a solid foundation on which I could develop my career in nursing. After a prior degree in arts, and a stint at culinary school, I found myself searching for a career that would allow me to help people, learn about health and the human body, and yet provide me with the security and flexibility to move around within the profession. Nursing seemed to provide the perfect answer, and from my first conversation with the registration office at Seneca, I knew I had made the right decision.

Everyone, from the registration office clerks to the professors were friendly and welcoming as I embarked on my new career. As a mature student, I was a little apprehensive, but my fears quickly subsided. The campus at King City is breath taking with an expanse of lakes, forests and wide-open fields. The school itself is small and personal, making it easy to get around and squeeze in a visit to the library or cafeteria. The nursing faculty were just wonderful, and brought such a broad range of experiences and knowledge to the curriculum. They made learning fun and interesting, and always encouraged and supported us as we worked our way through the courses.

To this day I have such fond memories of my time at Seneca, and still keep in touch with many of the friends I made there. Looking back, I have accomplished so much since my first day driving up to the campus, and I know that Seneca has played a great role in providing me with the tools and the knowledge to reach this point. I cannot encourage you to consider nursing enough - the rewards are limitless, and the opportunities are yours to define.