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Grad’s career takes off with Westjet

As a flight attendant with WestJet airlines, Natalie Dowhan has achieved her career goal in short order.

“When I came to Seneca this is exactly what I wanted to do,” says Natalie. “Within two years I achieved my goal and now I’m working for one of the best airlines in the world.”

Natalie received an offer to work for WestJet a month before she graduated from the Tourism and Travel – Flight Services program. She travelled to Calgary last August to begin six weeks of intensive training where she learned all about WestJet’s customer service and emergency procedures. Since then, she has travelled to various destinations throughout North America and the Caribbean.

While her job may seem glamorous because of the travel involved, Natalie is quick to point out this career is very hands-on and demanding.

In addition to boarding passengers and serving food and drinks, Natalie’s duties as a flight attendant include conducting pre-flight checks of all emergency equipment ensuring they are operational and in their proper locations.

For those considering a career as a flight attendant, Natalie recommends Seneca’s program, which offers all the foundational courses required to have a long and successful career in the field.

“When I was hired it was mentioned by the recruiter that having a diploma from Seneca was definitely an asset, and an important qualification to have on your resume.”

Natalie Dowhan