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Co-op, Externships and Field Placements

Students studying in Seneca’s tourism programs have options to gain workplace experience. Programs offer optional co-operative (co-op) and a mandatory externship or field placement opportunity.

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Co-op Education

A 14-week full-time, paid position in the hospitality or tourism industry. Co-op is intended for students who wish to gain an in-depth work experience.


860 hours of paid work experience from May to October. It is intended for students who want to gain in-depth industry experience between year one and two or at the end of the Hospitality Management Program. Students find placement in a wide variety of local, national and international hospitality placements.

Field Placement

150 hours of voluntary work experience spread over the 14 weeks of the semester. It is intended for students who want to gain industry experience on a part-time basis while continuing with their studies, other work and personal commitments. Students find placement in a wide variety of tourism and hospitality positions.

Overview of co-op/field placements

Tourism and Travel

In their final semester, students in the Tourism and Travel diploma programs will complete a mandatory field placement or optional co-op that combines an employment experience with academic study. Students choosing this option will have the chance to formally integrate academic study with a 14-week semester of voluntary industry work experience in the tourism field. Typically, students are most successful in obtaining position in the hospitality, tourism and travel sector of the industry.

Hospitality Management

Students in the Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant program will complete a six month paid externship placement or optional co-op placement between semester 2 and 3 (from May to October) or at the end of their program. Typically, students obtain position in hotels, resorts , cruise ships, private golf clubs and member clubs, both locally and internationally.