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Our Programs

Environmental Landscape Management (Co-op)

The Environmental Landscape Management program curriculum is unique in that it offers a link between the study of ecology with the more traditional type of landscaping and horticulture programs. This overview of our entire ecosystem allows you to understand the impact humans can have on our natural environment and what measures can be taken to protect and or restore natural landscapes and provide you with a context as you design and create a variety of landscapes.

Honours Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation (Co-op)

The Honours Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation program is a interdisciplinary degree, whose graduates are able to assess client needs and to design, implement, and evaluate therapeutic interventions.

Recreation and Leisure Services (Co-op)

Recreation and Leisure Services encompasses the delivery of recreation activities and programs designed to provide leisure experiences which are truly satisfying and rewarding for the participants. Engaging in learning that is rooted in communities surrounding the campus, students have an opportunity to network throughout the program, giving them greater exposure to both public and private sector recreation.