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Science Communication Summer Institute (SciComm)

The world of science is unique and exciting, but information coming out of the sector can be complicated and idiosyncratic. Effective communication, particularly with external audiences, often takes a back seat to the information itself.

The Science Communication Summer Institute (SciComm) is offered in a non-traditional format at our Seneca@York campus. It features a 10-day on-campus residency followed by online courses. The program equips you with key knowledge and skills required for effective science communication. You’ll learn the theory and practical applications involved in sharing science knowledge with various audiences across traditional and new media platforms.

If you’re a university or college science, technology, engineering or math graduate (or nearing graduation) who wants to become a better writer, storyteller, and digitally engaged communicator in your science field, then Seneca’s SciComm Summer Institute is the quickest way to achieve your objectives. This 6-week program will enhance your career profile while connecting your science to the world.

Please note that program candidates must have a degree or advanced diploma, or relevant science sector experience.

You will receive a Seneca College certificate upon graduation.