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Initiatives: Seneca Helps

Seneca continues to raise funds, opportunities and awareness for refugees

Seneca community meetingPresident David Agnew held a meeting with the Seneca community to discuss how we could assist with the integration of the thousands of Syrian refugees who will be arriving during the next few months. More than 50 students, employees and alumni were in attendance. The meeting provided an opportunity to share information, provide advice and discuss potential support opportunities.

Students raising funds - Students are working with Professor Lynn Fournier-Ruggles, School of Legal and Public Administration/Office Administration, to raise funds to support a student refugee.

Entrepreneurial assistance - Retired Professor Peter A. Miller is working with Social Innovation Canada to support refugees who ran a business back home by planning workshops, coaching and mentoring.

Syrian Refugees in Canada facebook page – Child Development Practitioner student Zeinab Jajeh, who came to Canada from Syria in 2008, created a Facebook page called Syrian Refugees in Canada for a class project. Students in this class were required to find a way to advocate for families facing a barrier to inclusion. Zeinab chose to provide incoming Syrian refugees with information to help them once they arrive in Canada. Using the page as a meeting point, Zeinab is helping as many Syrians as she can by connecting them to support services, sharing relevant news articles, and linking newcomers to settlement agencies.

Tuition for Syrian refugees – Seneca will fund the full tuition for 10 Syrian refugees coming to study here. The College will provide tuition for the credential of each individual’s choosing regardless of whether it is full- or part-time studies, a diploma, degree or certificate.

Make a Difference fundraising event –  Make a Difference fundraising events were held at Newnham and Seneca@York campuses to aid Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders. More information

Online features – Students create web features to raise awareness about the refugees. More information

Make a Difference comic event Make a Difference comic event President David Agnewfund raising event