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Successful first Marketing Strategies speakers forum

forum speaker & professor

From left to right, Jeffrey Elliott, digital broadcast executive; Greg deKoker, brand strategist; Professor Grant Ivens, GRA491 Marketing Strategies; and Harry James, entrepreneur extraordinaire.

Three classes of Marketing Strategies (GRA491) course recently attended the first GRA491 Speakers Forum at Seneca@York to hear from three entrepreneurial industry experts.

“One of the most important aspects that we can bring to our Seneca students, is to utilize our industry contacts, in order for students to have an opportunity to interact and engage with people who are walking the walk” says Professor Grant Ivens, RGD. “It is amazing to see how engaged professionals are happy to present and give back to our students”.

The GRA491 Speakers Forum featured three dynamic presenters representing a wide range of marketing knowledge and featured:

Greg deKoker, brand strategist and chief experience officer at Evolation, and co-author of the first edition of Brand: it Ain’t the Logo. Greg presented the brand strategy process for the re-branding of Accora Villa, Canada’s largest residential rental communities.

Jeffrey Elliott, digital broadcast executive and founder of Glassbox, presented and discussed the entrepreneurial challenges he over came with the creation and launch of one of Canada’s first digital broadcast networks.

Harry James, entrepreneur extraordinaire, President of the Harry James Group of companies, provided an engaging exploration in to the art of the elevator pitch and the importance of being able to clearly present and with conviction answer the question “why would I deal with you”.

The two hours of presentations engaged the 90 plus students and was followed by a fury of question and answers along with a draw for copies of Greg deKoker’s book.

“I was quite pleased with the response, involvement and discussions between the student and presenters. To measure the success of this Speakers Forum we created an online response survey on Blackboard, and the results are very favorable and recommending that we continue this for future semesters” Grant says “it all comes down to the three ‘Es: engage; educate & entertain’.”