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New Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy


Seneca is joining with all Ontario colleges to announce a new Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy.

The policy will help to promote safety on our campuses as well as everyone's rights and responsibilities. Building on existing policies and practices, Seneca's policy provides precise definitions of sexual assault and sexual violence, sets clear standards for reporting and responding to incidents of sexual violence, and establishes clear processes for complaints and investigations.

The policy also includes measures to ensure that individuals who make complaints are protected from reprisals, retaliation or threats.

Seneca's policy is based on a provincial template that was developed in consultation with students and student leaders, employees and others across the 24 colleges in Ontario. Legal experts, the Ontario Women’s Directorate, provincial student associations and government officials were also consulted.

The policy and protocol also supports the action plan on sexual violence recently announced by Premier Kathleen Wynne.