COS720 - Character Makeup

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Subject Title
Character Makeup

Subject Description
Makeup application for the theatre requires a knowledge of the proper use of colours and the particular effects that lighting has on colour. Students learn the various steps in breaking down a character and apply various character make-up.  Students will be required to bring a live model for two of the assignments and for the practical exam.

Credit Status
One credit toward the Special Effects Makeup Artistry Certificate Program.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

1. Discuss specialized products used in theatrical makeup.

2. Apply Old Age and Middle Age Character make-up

3.  Assess the impact of theatrical lighting on  make-up.

4.  Design and apply various character make-ups.

5.  Discuss the categories of Character Analysis and determine how to apply.

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COS710 - Makeup Basica and COS 715 - Fashion Makeup

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the prerequisites are met.  If you do not have the required prerequisite subject (or have an advanced standing for the prerequisite subject) you will be asked to withdraw with the risk of academic and /or financial penalty.

Students should consult the Program Information Package each semester to ensure they have current information regarding requirements. Packages are available from the Faculty of Continuing Education office. 

Topic Outline
Available on evening classes - 7 Week Lecture Schedule

- Stage lighting
- Character analysis
- Theatre straight
- Middle age
- Spirit gum and removers
- Character / personality
- Glue-on makeup
- Theatre aging makeup
- Geisha makeup
- Clown makeup
- Famous person makeup
- Animal makeup
- Makeup based on a painting

** A detailed weekly addendum with due dates will be posted on Blackboard.

Mode of Instruction
Classroom lectures, demonstrations and practical applications in class.

Prescribed Texts

Reference Material

Required Supplies
Students are required to supply the following:

Basic Makeup kit from COS710 and COS715
Additional Make-up Brushes; Synthetic - Discussed in class
Drawing Pastels (Soft not Oil, in Skin Tones and Primary Colours)
Krylon Spray
Stipple Sponge
Sketch Paper: 50 lb
Stipple Sponge:  Black and Orange

99% alcohol
Grease or water based make-up: Old age Colours
Grease or water based make-up: Primary Plus Colours
Grease or water based make-up: Skin Tones
Grase or water based make-up: White
No Colour Powder
Spirit Gum
Spirit Gum Remover
Tooth Enamal; Black and Nicotine

** Students are required to have all their tools and products for the second class**

Promotion Policy

Grading Policy
A+ 90%  to  100%
A 80%  to  89%
B+ 75%  to  79%
B 70%  to  74%
C+ 65%  to  69%
C 60%  to  64%
D+ 55%  to  59%
D 50% to 54%
F 0%    to  49% (Not a Pass)
EXC Excellent
SAT Satisfactory
UNSAT Unsatisfactory

For further information, see a copy of the Academic Policy, available online ( or at Seneca's Registrar's Offices.

Modes of Evaluation
As stated in the Seneca College Academic Policy, a student must successfully complete all major segments of a course in order to earn a passing grade. Students who have not passed the term work may not be permitted to write the final examination. For further information on evaluation and academic standing, see a copy of the Academic policy, available at Seneca registration offices.

Grading is based on the following marking scheme

# Project Description Value
1 Personality 10%
2 Glue-on make-up 20%
3 Famous Person Make-up 15%
4 Animal Make-up 15%
5 Painting Make-up 10%
6 Final Exam - Written 10%
7 Final Exam - Practical 20%
8 Total 100%

Late projects will NOT be accepted for marking.
All homework is to be completed before class time.

Due to the nature of this course, attendance in all classes is mandatory in order to achieve the learning Outcomes.  Any absences must be supported by a doctor's note or a  legal document, within one week.  Any student who fails to attend more than 2 three hour classes or 1 six hour class will not pass this subject.

No student will be eligible to graduate with a Seneca College certificate or diploma if, in more than 30% of the subjects required for graduation, the student has received a "D" grade.

**Please retain this document for future employment / educational use.

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