CSD595 - Computerized Sprinkler Design

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Subject Title
Computerized Sprinkler Design

Subject Description
This subject is a continuation of CAD295 and builds on basic AutoCAD skills. Students learn how to design sprinkler systems in an AutoCAD environment using SprinkCAD.

Students must have a full version of AutoCAD for this course and Windows base computer system.

Credit Status
One credit in the Fire Sprinkler Design Certificate.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

  1. Create a new SprinkCAD drawing.
  2. Use the SprinkCAD toolbars, menus and ribbons.
  3. Control and edit layers.
  4. Insert steel elevation markers, sprinklers, pipe, pipe criteria, valves, hangers and a 3-D block.
  5. Determine and show the remote area.
  6. Set up the Job Information Block, Design Area Block and Water Supply Node.
  7. Run a hydraulic calculation and return to the SprinkCAD screen.
  8. View and print a hydraulics calculation and export a SprinkCALC file.
  9. Run and print a stocklist.
  10. Edit the title block, insert pipe information and plot the drawing.
  11. Design a simple tree and gridded systems with an office.
  12. Modify fabrication methods.
  13. Produce at least 3 drawings for submission to your instructor.
  14. Use effective and appropriate problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Cheating and Plagiarism
Each student should be aware of the College's policy regarding Cheating and Plagiarism. Seneca's Academic Policy will be strictly enforced.

To support academic honesty at Seneca College, all work submitted by students may be reviewed for authenticity and originality, utilizing software tools and third party services. Please visit the Academic Honesty site on http://library.senecacollege.ca for further information regarding cheating and plagiarism policies and procedures.

All students and employees have the right to study and work in an environment that is free from discrimination and/or harassment. Language or activities that defeat this objective violate the College Policy on Discrimination/Harassment and shall not be tolerated. Information and assistance are available from the Student Conduct Office at student.conduct@senecacollege.ca.

Accommodation for Students with Disabilities
The College will provide reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities in order to promote academic success. If you require accommodation, contact the Counselling and Disabilities Services Office at ext. 22900 to initiate the process for documenting, assessing and implementing your individual accommodation needs.


SPR 195 or equivalent.

Students must successfully complete CAD295 or demonstrate equivalent competence with AutoCAD®. Students should have a general working knowledge of Windows.

Students must have SprinkCAD® installed and working on their computers. A Windows operating system is required to use the SprinkCAD® software.

Most software is available through Seneca College Centre for Flexible Learning.

Topic Outline

  • Starting the Program
  • Navigating the Opening Screen
  • Saving and Opening Files
  • Layer Control
  • Using the SprinkCAD Menus
  • Inserting Heads
  • Drawing Main
  • Branch Piping
  • Inserting Job Information,
  • Design Area and Water Supply Blocks
  • Identifying Operating Sprinklers
  • Performing Hydraulic Calculations
  • Inserting Hangers
  • Setting up Strategies
  • Running a Stocklist Calculation
  • Adding Missing Parts to the Catalogue
  • Mapping Valves
  • Viewing Fabrication Reports
  • Inserting Heads
  • Drawing Main and Grid Branch Piping
  • Indentifying Starter Pieces
  • Peaking Grid Calculations
  • Adjusting Pipe Sizes 
  • Using Various Methods to Spot Sprinklers
  • Manual Insertion Methods including Tee Line Pipe
  • Indentifying the Design Area
  • Hydraulics and Stocklisting Calculations
  • Dealing with Sloping Pipes
  • Drawing inside Hose Stations
  • Inserting Pumps

Mode of Instruction
Correspondence – independent learning with tutor support

Prescribed Texts
1. Student Study Guide for CSD 595s. Joseph W. Curry, Seneca College

Study Guide is included in the tuition fee and will be mailed out to Correspondence students with their start up package.

2. NFPA 13 Installation of Sprinkler Systems.    NFPA
NFPA text is not included in tuition fee and students are responsible for acquiring this text on their own.

Reference Material

Required Supplies
Students must have a Windows based computer. Windows Home Edition is not compatible. Students must have access to a full version of AutoCAD. AutoCAD LT is not acceptable. Student versions of AutoCAD are available at reduced prices or may be obtained for free.

Promotion Policy

Grading Policy
A+ 90%  to  100%
A 80%  to  89%
B+ 75%  to  79%
B 70%  to  74%
C+ 65%  to  69%
C 60%  to  64%
D+ 55%  to  59%
D 50%  to  54%
F 0%    to  49% (Not a Pass)
EXC Excellent
SAT Satisfactory
UNSAT Unsatisfactory

For further information, see a copy of the Academic Policy, available online (http://www.senecacollege.ca/academic-policy) or at Seneca's Registrar's Offices.

Modes of Evaluation
Student performance will be measured and monitored at prescribed intervals.

Student competence of the subject matter as a whole will be measured by a final project. The final grade will be computed according to the following:

Term Work:    50%
Final Project   50% 

Students must pass the final project in order to receive a passing final grade.

Approved by: Sandra Noble