FDV135 - Fitness Leadership Field Placement

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Subject Title
Fitness Leadership Field Placement

Subject Description
The field placement experience provides an opportunity to implement the knowledge acquired through classroom teaching and practice. Students develop a working relationship with an institution to improve their skills in the area of fitness that they are interested in pursuing. The student can choose or be assigned to an agency supervisor who will maintain an ongoing supervising relationship with the student.

Credit Status
One credit toward the Fitness Leadership Certificate program.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

1. Effectively apply theoretical and practical knowledge gained through classroom experience to a "real life" fitness setting.

2. Describe the process involved in determining the needs of the client and the provision of service.

3. Recognize the aspects of communication which influence the working relationship between the fitness staff and the clients.

4. Identify the roles and functions of the fitness staff in the organization.

Cheating and Plagiarism
Each student should be aware of the College's policy regarding Cheating and Plagiarism. Seneca's Academic Policy will be strictly enforced.

To support academic honesty at Seneca College, all work submitted by students may be reviewed for authenticity and originality, utilizing software tools and third party services. Please visit the Academic Honesty site on http://library.senecacollege.ca for further information regarding cheating and plagiarism policies and procedures.

All students and employees have the right to study and work in an environment that is free from discrimination and/or harassment. Language or activities that defeat this objective violate the College Policy on Discrimination/Harassment and shall not be tolerated. Information and assistance are available from the Student Conduct Office at student.conduct@senecacollege.ca.

Accommodation for Students with Disabilities
The College will provide reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities in order to promote academic success. If you require accommodation, contact the Counselling and Disabilities Services Office at ext. 22900 to initiate the process for documenting, assessing and implementing your individual accommodation needs.

FDV100, FDV101, FDV120, FDV102, FDV103, FDV240, FDV250, Standard First Aid / Basic Rescuer CPR. Must be taken as the last subject in the program. Prerequisites will be checked by faculty on the first day of class. 

Students should consult the Program Information Package each semester to ensure they have current information regarding program requirements. Packages are available from the Continuing Education Office. 

Topic Outline

Mode of Instruction
Consultation with advisor and supervisor, observations, log writing and "hands-on" practice will be used to discover the practicalities of the fitness industry.

Prescribed Texts
None assigned, however, textbooks used throughout the Fitness Leadership program would be ideal resources.

Reference Material

Required Supplies

Promotion Policy

Grading Policy
A+90%  to  100%
A80%  to  89%
B+75%  to  79%
B70%  to  74%
C+65%  to  69%
C60%  to  64%
D+55%  to  59%
D50%  to  54%
F0%    to  49% (Not a Pass)

For further information, see a copy of the Academic Policy, available online (http://www.senecacollege.ca/academic-policy) or at Seneca's Registrar's Offices.

Modes of Evaluation

    The student is required to complete 50 hours of field placement. The 50 hours must be completed within one academic semester.
    The student is required to submit a learning agreement for the placement. The learning agreement will consist of learning objectives and a plan to accomplish these objectives. This is to be completed and handed in prior to the beginning of the field placement experience.
    During the placement the student will complete the following:
        Placement Log
                this log will outline placement duties, daily activities and will explain how goals and objectives outlined in their learning agreement have been met
        Lesson Plan or Case Study
                the student is responsible for submitting a lesson plan or case study that is relevant to the placement (such as a Fitness Class Plan or a Client Exercise Prescription)
    During the placement the Field Placement Supervisor will either call or meet with the student at least once to discuss the student's progress. The Field Placement Supervisor, and the Agency Supervisor, formally evaluates the student's practical and theoretical knowledge.
    Completion of the above field placement requirements will result in either a satisfactory or unsatisfactory grade.

Consultations with advisor and supervisor, observations, log writing and "hands - on" practice will be used to discover the practicalities of the fitness industry. Copies of Seneca College's Academic Policy Manual are available from the Continuing Education Office.

Grading scheme:                    Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory

Since this subject is practical in nature, students must be in good health and have had a physical examination within six months.


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