Outline: HHP111




Students should consult the Program Information Package each semester to ensure they have current information regarding program requirements. Packages are available from the Continuing Education Office. 

Modes of Instruction

Lectures, simulations, group work, reflections, and various visuals are used. 

Prescribed Texts and Tutorials

Complete Holistic Herbal; David Hoffman;  ISBN # 0-00-714541-4   Vendor: Harper Collins Canada Inc.

Modes of Evaluation

A student must successfully complete all major segments of a subject in order to earn a passing grade.  For further information on evaluation and academic standing, see a copy of the Academic Policy available at Seneca Registration offices.

                                      Attendance              50%
                                      Participation            50%

Grading Scheme

Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory

    Approved by ______________________ 
                          Lisa Somers, Chair 
                          Community Services and Health Sciences

Last Updated:  WINTER 2009