Outline: OPT504



Registered Intern Optician status with the College of Opticians of Ontario. 

Topic Outline

1. A review of the theory of layout and blocking procedures. 

2. Former selection and automatic edger procedures. 

3. Procedures for single vision and bifocal lens finishing. 

4. Procedures to follow for final lens inspection and verification. 

Modes of Instruction

Classroom instruction.  Students will answer a variety of multiple choice questions related to eyeglass fabrication. 

Prescribed Text

Not Applicable 

Reference Material

Essentials of Ophthalmic Lens work, Clifford Brooks B-H 

System for Ophthalmic Dispensing, 3rd, Ed; Brooks and Borish. B-H 


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                    Susan Horne, Chair 

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Last Updated:   Summer 2008