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Student Strike Relief Fund Appeal Process

A student may choose to appeal the decision on the Student Strike Relief Fund (SSRF).

Committee Membership

The committee will be made up of a standing committee(s) of three panelists including at least one student representative. The members on the panel may change to meet the needs of hearing appeals in a timely manner based on the campus and the number of appeals.

Grounds for an appeal

  • A refund request has been partially or totally denied.
  • New evidence (i.e. additional supporting documentation) is available that could influence or change the outcome of the original claim

Appeal Process

  • The student must complete the online SSRF appeal form within 15 business days of receiving the decision.
  • The appeal committee will review the appeal claim, the original application form, and all supporting documentation submitted.
  • A final decision and recommendations on the appeal will be communicated by email within 15 business days after the appeal is received and reviewed.
  • Appeals will be treated confidentially, however it may be necessary to contact other individuals in order to follow up or verify the content of the appeal and/or the supporting documentation submitted.
  • Every attempt will be made to meet the timelines set out unless circumstances cause a delay.