Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology
2007 OSAP Default Rates

The "OSAP Loan Default Rates" reflect the repayment status of students who were issued Ontario Student Loans in 2003-2004 academic year and did not receive an Ontario Student Loan in 2004-2005, and who defaulted on their repayment obligations approximately two years after leaving the institution. Student loan recipients/defaulters are, for the purpose of calculating default rates, assigned to the last institution/program they attended in 2003-2004. The status of these loans was assessed as of July 2006 or about two years after entering into repayment.

An Ontario Student Loan is in default when the Ontario government has paid the bank's claim for an inactive loan. A loan is inactive when no payments were made by the student for at least 90 days. Responsibility for recovery of defaulted accounts was transferred to private collection agencies in January 1999.

The 2006 default rate average for all programs at Seneca College is 9.8%. This compares to 13.6% for all programs at Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology. Approximately 39% of Seneca College students apply for OSAP.

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