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'get out there' event 2009

Date: Wednesday November 25, 2009
Time: 1 - 4:30 pm
Location: Newnham Campus

aiesec logo.

AIESEC, the world’s largest **student-run** organization, is the international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential to have a positive impact on society. In partnership with business and higher education, AIESEC Canada has over 50 years of experience in developing **high-potential students** into globally-minded responsible leaders. AIESEC’s innovative development process consists of unmatched **leadership experiences** and **global internships**. For over 50 years companies have relied on the Global Internship Program to meet their employment needs by gaining access to a global talent pool of the best and brightest young responsible leaders. The Global Internship Program is a tailored and reliable turnkey recruitment and community integration process for high quality international internships. Companies of all sizes have used the Global Internship Program to build their leadership pipeline, increase their competitiveness, and fuel their innovation.

  • Global network of 38 000 students and recent graduates
  • Active in 1 700 universities across 107 countries and territories
  • 5 500 leadership opportunities annually
  • Canadian network of 1,800 students and recent graduates in 28


AustraLearn is your Canadian application centre to 33 top ranked universities in Australia and New Zealand. Convert your Seneca diploma into a Bachelor's or Master's degree in as little as one semester or year! AustraLearn is your pathway to degree completion, semester or year long study abroad programs, internships and summer courses! Check us out at

GSDE logo.

Global Seekers Development Expeditions (GSDE)

GSDE is an international experiential-learning, internship and volunteer program. GSDE programs are designed to help interns acquire practical experience in the field of their study, and volunteers to make a difference and become culturally aware. We specialize in Africa program and we are committed to green travel. Visit or for more information.


KOM Consultants

KOM Consultants has grown to be the leader of International Education in Canada.  Two of our Australian Universities, Griffith and the University of Western Sydney have articulation agreements for the College Student. Students are eligible for very generous transfer credits to convert their Diploma to a University Degree.


Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad sends volunteers abroad to 24 countries to do over 100 different internships and service projects. Since being founded in 1992, we have grown to a team of 300 people around the world that sends nearly 4000 volunteers annually. Volunteers can go at any time, for as long as they wish, choose where they want to go and what they want to do. Our most popular programs include: medical and nursing placements, business and journalism internships, as well as conservation, care and teaching projects. Projects are available in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Peru, Romania, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand and Togo. For more information, please visit


Students Crossing Borders

Students Crossing Borders (SCB) is a network of people who travel to Kingston Jamaica where they work in some of the most impoverished communities of the city. Participants work in a variety of places - in a school and the health clinic in Riverton (a community built on Kingston’s landfill site), a home for children with HIV, an institution for children with special needs, and a home for abandoned seniors. We typically build a small house for someone in need or we repair houses in the community. Our primary focus is on early education and the development of partnerships to provide opportunities for teacher training.

This trip is open to all students, faculty, staff and alumni in Seneca.


Youth Challenge International

Youth Challenge International is a leading global youth development organization that promotes youth innovation to drive positive change. Building on over 20 years of experience, YCI¹s programs are designed to meet the needs of youth affected by poverty through five integrated sectors: economic development, education, leadership development, environment and health. YCI engages volunteers in the following regions: Africa, Central America, South America and the South Pacific.