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The Interview

Interview Guide

Landing an interview means that your job application documents have convinced the employer of your potential to do the job. The interview is your opportunity to reinforce that view and to show how you can fit into the company and contribute to its growth. View our tips and guidelines on what to do before, during and afterwards in order to ace your next interview!

Before the Interview

Know the Company
Always go to an interview knowing the products and services provided by the company.  Also, find out exactly where they company is located and plan out how you will get there on the day of your interview. 

Prepare Answers to Common Interview Questions
The internet has numerous websites featuring sample interview questions and tips on how to answer them.  We recommend Interview Question Database from Quintessential Careers.

Our Tip Sheet "Most Common Interview Questions and Why Employers Are Asking Them"

Prepare Questions to Ask
Always have questions to ask.  However, do not ask questions that are clearly answered on the employer's web site or questions about benefits and salary. Instead, ask questions that will help you decide if this job and this company are the right ‘fit’ for you.  A list of possible questions to ask the interviewer can be found on the following websites:

Prepare for Different Interview Formats
Employers use interviewing styles that assist them in revealing attributes of the candidate that are most essential for the job and most beneficial to the organization.  To find out more about different interview formats, read our Guide to Interview Formats.

Gather Important Information
Bring copies of your resume, a list of references along with any other relevant documents such as certificates, a portfolio and/or recommendation letters.

Dress for Success
It is important that you dress appropriately for the interview.  Wearing professional, business attire is almost always the correct way to dress for any interview.  In addition to appropriate dress, proper grooming is also extremely important. Remember to ensure that your nails are clean, you are odour free (even strong cologne and perfume should be avoided or used sparingly); your shoes are polished, etc.  If you smoke, its best not to do so before your interview as the odour tends to linger on your breath, hair and clothing.

Examples of appropriate interview attire are available at Quint Careers.

Are you in need of Interview Clothing? Get nearly-new, FREE clothing donated by the Seneca community. 

Contact References
Have at least 2-3 professional references and bring it with you to the interview. Be sure to contact them to ask permission. Requesting reference and recommendation letters.

Practice Makes Perfect
It is very helpful to practice interviewing skills before you go for your appointment.  Ask a friend or family member to record you responding to interview questions so that you can check your facial expression, tone of voice and body language.

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