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After the Interview

Review the Interview
Review the interview process with a friend or Career Development staff member. What did you do well? Were there any difficult questions? Could you have been better prepared? This will help when the time comes for a second interview or for future interviews.

Send a Thank You
By sending a thank you note, card or email, this shows the interviewer that you are professional and sincerely interested in the position. Send the thank-you immediately after the interview, or within 24 hours. Sample thank you letters.

Follow Up
Be sure to follow up, if you have not heard from the employer when they said they would contact you. Usually one follow-up phone call or email is best. In the event that you are no longer interested in the job, be sure to send a letter that thanks the interviewer and that withdraws your application. Maintaining a courteous relationship ensures a positive tone, should you do business with that company again.

Send a thank you note and follow up with the employer.