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During the Interview

Be On Time
Plan to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early.  Anticipate traffic, weather conditions as well as distance.

Be Polite With Everyone You Meet
First impressions are difficult to break, so display a confident and friendly attitude from the moment you arrive at the interview location.  People want to work with (and hire) people they like.  Be polite and professional with everyone you meet.

Be prepared to shake hands with the interviewer(s).  Smiling and using a firm grip shows confidence.  Avoid giving a handshake that is too weak or too strong.

Body Language
Make eye contact when speaking to or listening to the interviewer(s), sit up straight and smile.  Avoid slouching, fidgeting, chewing gum or other nervous habits.  Try not to hold anything in your hands like a pen.

Communicate Clearly
Speak slowly and avoid slang.  Avoid words such as "um" and "like."   Remember it is okay to pause briefly to compose your answer. Some interviewers will pause for an extended period because they are reflecting on your comments or they are writing down what you said.  Try not to fill this silence with chatter.

Sell Yourself, Show Confidence
Do not downplay your previous education and experience.  Project confidence without appearing boastful.  It is expected that you will discuss your abilities and knowledge and provide examples.

Demonstrate a Positive Attitude
Avoid making negative comments about previous employers or about the occupation.

Ask Questions
You will be given an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.  Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate your sincere interest in learning more about the company and/or the position.  Read the preceding section ‘Before the Interview’ for a list of possible interview questions you can ask.  Do not ask questions to which you can get the answer on the company website.

If you have a portfolio, this would be the time to present it. 

Have a Strong Closing
Ask the interviewer for his/her business card and when you can expect to hear from them.  Restate your interest in the company and/or position.  Sincerely thank the interviewer(s) for meeting with you.

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