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Telephone Skills

The telephone is an important job searching tool. Used effectively, the telephone can provide contact with prospective employers and possible job opportunities.

Voicemail Etiquette
When job searching, you want to ensure that your voicemail message on your cell or home phone sounds professional. Avoid having music or someone else’s voice other than yours as your message. Be sure to speak clearly, include your name, invite the caller to leave a message, and ensure that the message will be returned.

When leaving a message on an employer’s answering machine, plan what you would like to say ahead of time.  Remember to speak slowly and clearly.  Avoid leaving a long message, be brief and state the reason of your call.  Always end with a telephone number where you can be reached.

Cell Phone Etiquette
It is best to answer a call from a potential employer, when you are prepared to talk about your skills and qualifications in a quiet environment.  If you are in an area where there is background noise, for example on the bus, it is best to allow the call to go to voicemail; this way you can return the employer’s call when you are better prepared.                  

Good telephone skills are essential.