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Resumé Writing and Cover Letter

In order for your resumé to capture the employer’s interest it should clearly outline the skills and qualifications relevant to the job. Typically the information is listed in the following order:

Contact Information: Full Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email address.

Objective: Tell the employer what job you are looking for. If you know the position title, be specific. If you are submitting your resumé not knowing if the company has openings, provide information on a department or a potential job title or occupational area and the skill level where you may fit.

Profile Summary or Highlights Of Qualifications: Using 4 – 6 bulleted points, list relevant experience, education and skills in order of importance.  Remember to make sure all points are relevant to the position. The goal is to grab the attention and interest of the employer.

Education and Training: List your education in reverse chronological order (most recent dates first). Highlight major projects completed or the skills, knowledge and experience gained from your course of study.

Work Experience: List work history in reverse chronological order (most recent dates first). Use action verbs to convey the skill(s) used and try to show your transferable skills and accomplishments with each point. 

See a list of the top transferable skills employers want.

Additional Resumé Sections

Accomplishments: List any special achievements, including professional, personal and/or academic achievements.

Volunteer Activities: Format in the same style as the Work Experience.

Associations: List any professional or personal associations where you possess membership. You may want to omit religious or political associations.

Interests or Hobbies: Only if related to the job.

Check out a sample resumé.