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Faculty and Staff

Here at Seneca all staff and faculty are committed to assisting students reach their optimal level of success. By working together, faculty and the Career Service Department can ensure the smooth transition from school to the work.

Career Services Co-ordinators are happy to work with together with you in the career planning process of student while enhancing their academic abilities.

Our department helps students to:

  • understand the labour market requirements and academic credentials
  • recognize transferable skills (such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving etc) that can be applied to a variety of different jobs
  • sell themselves to potential employers and accurately represent their abilities
  • develop contacts and network successfully
  • use resources to research employers and to make effective career decisions
  • understand Degree Transfer requirements and processes

Discuss your specific needs with us.

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    Each program at Seneca has a dedicated Career Services Coordinator who can help provide career planning information.

    Find Career Services Co-ordinators contact information, by program area.