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Getting Books

When do I find out what books I need?

You will receive your required text lists in each class that you take on your course outline. We recommend that you wait until after attending your first class to purchase your books, because your instructor may not require all books listed at the bookstore for your class, and the bookstore will have books for multiple sections, which may use different books. The general exception is if you received a booklist in advance from your program area (i.e. at orientation).

You may choose to get your books sooner by going to the bookstore before classes begin. There are campus bookstores at the King, Newnham, and Seneca@York campuses. However, only your campus bookstore will have your required texts. Find your campus bookstore location.

You can also purchase books online and pick them up at your campus bookstore.

Where can I buy second-hand books?

The Bookstore sells some second-hand books. Also look for bulletin boards around campus where students post flyers advertising used books for sale.


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