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Get Connected to Students

“As a new student to Seneca, I wish I had gotten to know my fellow classmates earlier on. Finding people you are compatible with is important because you will be working in groups throughout many classes with these individuals and you need to be comfortable with them.”
   ~~Carby Sum, First Year Student, Marketing Administration

Connecting with your peers is very important; they can be your best cheerleaders, supporters and resources. There are many ways you can connect with other students, listed below are just a few.

International Students

International Student Services plans a number of events, activities and trips, providing a variety of ways to meet other international students.  They are one of the main sponsors of International Days – a Seneca tradition that showcases worldwide cultures and cuisines.  Check out more international events on Seneca International Student website.

Peer Tutors

Peer tutors are available by appointment to meet with students in the Learning Centre for one on one tutoring.  Our tutors are current Seneca students who are in your program and are available as a support to help you to understand already taught concepts.  Please note that not every program is available for tutoring, however we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  Drop in to your local campus centre to find out more or book an appointment online through WABS.


Seneca College has a unique mentoring program designed to help new students make the most of their college life. SMILE or “Student Mentoring In Life and Education” offers new students a great opportunity to connect with a senior student mentor in their program area who can support them in their transition to the College. With SMILE, students get the answers they need from someone who has been there. SMILE is about helping students gain the knowledge, self confidence and skills they need to make a success of their college career.

For more information and to apply for a mentor, visit SMILE.

Success @ Seneca

SUCCESS@Seneca is dedicated to student success. We promote a positive college experience and work with students to increase student engagement, persistence and graduation rates.  Through a collaborative approach students experience a smooth transition to college life, a strong sense of belonging and connection, an increase in self-confidence, constructive use of college resources & services, and an environment that is encouraging and supportive.

Student Clubs

Join one of our Clubs or Associations and reap the benefits. Meet people with similar interests, network, build relationships, develop your leadership skills, and HAVE FUN!

Go to to see what clubs and associations are active at your campus and to view their upcoming events. Can't find a Club or Association you are interested in? Apply to start your own. It may be easier than you think. Stop by your local Seneca Student Federation office and speak with your Coordinator of Clubs & Associations to find out how.

Group photo of Seneca Students.