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Embracing Change

We know that change is an inevitable part of life, and yet it is human nature to resist change.  Routine and familiarity are things that most people rely on to feel comfortable and relaxed.  Diversion from what is familiar to us can be difficult and unpleasant. 

As uncomfortable as change may be however, it is important to recognize the rewards that change can bring.   Attending College can bring great rewards!  It provides opportunity for:

  1. your student to grow intellectually and socially
  2. stretching one's self to accomplish new things
  3. developing confidence and independence
  4. preparing for a satisfying and rewarding career

For parents of students, embracing change also brings the rewards of knowing that your years of careful nurturing and mentoring have brought into the world a child who wants to learn and contribute through higher education.  It also brings the opportunity for you to develop a new adult-to-adult relationship with your child, and with it, very likely, a new appreciation of one another. 

For spouses, embracing change brings the reward of knowing that your relationship is healthy and will continue to grow and get stronger as you experience new challenges together.

Be happy for these opportunities and embrace them as you move into a new life stage.