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Facing Your Fears

There are many common fears and concerns shared by mature students. Many are not realistic fears, like most experienced in life.

I haven’t studied in years. I’m out of practice. What if the class environment is really different from when I was last in school?
In reality, there is no evidence that mature students can’t learn or remember as well as younger students.  Older students are often higher achieving students on average than younger students.

I haven’t written a test in a long time.  I’m worried, anxious and nervous.
There are a number of techniques that can be used to reduce test anxiety.  Remember that if you have studied well, you should be able to write a test well.  There are learning strategists available in the Learning Centres to assist you in test-writing and study-techniques.

I don’t know how to use a computer well.  Everything at the college seems to involve computers or the internet.
Don’t let any unfamiliarity with technology discourage you.  Every student takes a class to assist you in learning how to use the computer and internet (ICA 001).  There is also lots of support through the student help desk located in every learning commons.  You can access their assistance in person, through email or on the phone.