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For some, going to college means going away to college.  There are a few options to think of when considering where your student is going to live.  This may mean living in residence or off-campus in an apartment or house. 

For information on our on-campus residences, including pricing and floor plans, visit them online

For information about off-campus housing, check out our housing website.

Many supporters are surprised at the intensity of their feelings when they say goodbye to their student.  While you know that going to college is what your student needs to do and you want them to have this experience, you may experience feelings of sadness, joy, anxiety about roommates and their health, and much more.  This is completely normal.  Everyone has a different way of coping with these feelings and finding a new daily routine at home without your student there.  Some strategies may include:

  • Don’t go home right away. Take some time getting home to sort through your feelings
  • As soon as you’re home write your student a letter or send a card with a note, affirming your connection with your student.
  • Shortly after arriving home, begin to make travel plans for a visit or for their return during holidays
  • Get together with friends whose children have also just left for college or university so that you can share your experiences and feelings with peers you trust in a similar situation. 

You may be worried about your student sharing living space and your student might be anxious too.  We all worry about someone liking us, and getting along is even more important if you’re going to be living together!  Again these are normal feelings and your student will need to develop the skills necessary to be able to live with someone new.  It will not be helpful if you are the one to fly to the rescue every time there is an issue.  They need to learn how to cope and to compromise on some issues – these are important life skills.  If they are living in residence, there are trained staff to help resolve conflict and assist in relationship-building between roommates.