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Providing Support

Your support has always been important to the student in your life, and as they enter a new phase of their life, it will continue to be important.  The nature of your support may change over time, as your students’ needs and experiences change. 

Being supportive means:

  1. listening without judgment
  2. trusting them with their decisions
  3. expressing enthusiasm for their ideas and experiences
  4. expressing confidence in their ability to succeed
  5. letting go enough for them to make their own mistakes

Speak regularly with your student about how things are going at college.  Ask about whether s/he is enjoying their classes and what kinds of projects s/he is working on.  If you suspect that s/he is finding the class difficult, encourage them early on to visit the learning centre to take advantage of the services they offer (i.e. free peer tutoring).  If they continue to struggle, you may want to suggest they speak with their academic advisor or program coordinator.