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Supporters of Students - A New Beginning…

For Parents
Life is full of transitions, and you and your child have made many of them together. Now it’s time for another transition, the College years. This is an important milestone in your life. It’s clearly also an important milestone in the life of your child as he or she enters adulthood and experiences, probably for the first time, a very real independence. Many people say that they found their years at College the most fulfilling and enjoyable of their lives. Hopefully, this site will provide you with some meaningful ways of supporting your child.

For Spouses
You and your spouse have shared many new beginnings together and now you will be supporting your spouse as they attend college. Life at home will be different as your spouse will spend a significant amount of time studying and completing assignments. You will both need some time to adjust to your new life together. Hopefully, this site will provide you with some meaningful ways of supporting your spouse which will allow you to grow together.

For Other Supporters
You may be a sibling or a friend, an aunt or uncle who is supporting someone as they attend college to pursue their dreams. There are many ways you can support the student in your life and encourage their success. We hope that this site will inform you about their student life and that you will find some ways to support them in their educational endeavours.

Providing Support
Acknowledge Your Feelings
Embracing Change
Support Services at Seneca
Is My Child Succeeding?
Resources for Supporters