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Your Timetable/Schedule

When Can I See My Timetable?

Students can access their timetable on Student Centre.

Reading your Timetable

Check out our guides for your campus:

Registering for General Education Courses

If you require either a general education option or an English subject, this will be displayed as GENXXX in Student Centre, on the screen entitled “Add a Subject Section” and within a box entitled “Suggested Subjects for Your Current Semester”. Moving down the screen, look for a box entitled “General Education Options and English Subjects”. Click on the arrow to search the list of options available to you this term. Click on the subject of your choice, click on “More Info” to read a brief outline of that subject then click on “Add Subject”. A “Subject Enrol” screen will pop up, from which you can choose the date and time that will fit around your professional subjects already timetabled. Check your timetable to ensure you made the choice you intended. If you change your mind, go back to the “Available Options” screen, click on “Change Your Timetable” and drop the subject selected and choose another.